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Нам — 25!

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IMG_2048Dear Mrs. Batsmanova

At the occasion of the 25th anniversary of the Jewish Library Itzik Manger, I wish you – on behalf of your friends from LIFELINE – all the best and success for a prosperous future and would like to thank you for all your activities and achievements which you have realized during the past years. We believe that your work is of utmost importance for the people of your community, above all the children, which represent the future of the Jewish Community of Moldavia, in order to get to know their history and the insights and depths of the Jewish religion and culture.

We are very happy to have been working successfully with you during the past years and hope that this work and friendship will continue for many years in the future.

With kindest regards, mazal tow and shalom,

Your friends from LIFELINE

Raymond M. Guggenheim


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